An extraordinary Merlot selection created in honour of the Spineda family who, since the 1500s, have helped develop the area of Venegazzù, where the first Merlot vines in Italy were planted.

Vintage 2017

Bottle size 0.750L

Alcohol 14%

335.00 €

320.00 €

incl. VAT

There are dreams that you cultivate for years and years and see them so far away that they seem almost impossible to realise. Then, working day by day, the years pass and finally that dream that you thought impossible slowly becomes reality. For decades we have been cultivating the lands of Venegazzù and we have always known that behind Villa Spineda, since the 19th century, extraordinary Merlots have been produced. So, after years and years of studies and research, in 2004 we decided to take action by planting a new Merlot to see if we could be excited once again, as they used to.
This is how SPINEDA was born, which is an extraordinary selection of Merlot, made in honour of the family from Treviso who, in the mid-1700s, began to develop the area of Venegazzù, where the first Merlot to be cultivated in Italy was planted.
A plot of 2 hectares (replanted in 2004), which, thanks to its soil and position, with careful processing and extremely low yields (less than 1 kg per plant), actually manages to give a fruit of extraordinary elegance.
The label recalls the deep bond with our territory, showing an extract of a 19th century Napoleonic map of the Spineda lands, with the vineyards and rustic buildings that are now the heart of our winery.
Spineda reveals itself discreetly on the nose and then, on the palate, it shows great tension and power, as great wines do!